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I have asked about a month and until now nothing. I complain about it again and nothing. The second time the refrigerator came damaged so I have no choice but refuse the refrigerator and I also did not get the refund for the second order too. I regret making online appliances purchases! Below is an email I sent to Customer Service. Will never shop there again. On the evening before our delivery date, we received a call with a delivery window of 3 pm to 7 pm the next day. My husband made arrangements with work so he could be home.

He was there for the entire time. I told him that they were outside of the window and no one was home. My husband had left the house to grab a late dinner. Several days later, we were contacted with another delivery window. Again, my husband made arrangements with work to accommodate the delivery window. When they arrived the next day, the dishwasher was damaged. He was told that Maytag would be contacting him. He asked that Maytag call HIS number as I cannot be disturbed at work, and all scheduling would need to be according to his schedule.

Apparently, that message was never relayed to the appropriate person because I was called. When I spoke to the representative at Maytag, she stated that the dishwasher was on backorder, and we would have to wait another two weeks. I told her that date would not work as my husband would be out of town. She said, "No problem. I will get that date set up for you".

I immediately called the delivery company back and talked to a representative. I had to get special permission from my boss to take a half day off work as they were not granting any vacation time that week due to a system upgrade. I am quite sure this will affect my work evaluation therefore affecting my annual raise.

I also missed two important meetings. Delivery was to take place on December 21st which it did. Upon arrival the refrigerator did not fit as expected into the space I purchased 28 cubic and it stuck out way too far. I send the refrigerator back and immediately contacted MR. I was told they would not honor the Black Friday price at this point.


OK, I still wanted the refrigerator so would have to bite the bullet and pay the extra money. He did so approximately 4 days later. I told him I was ready to purchase the refrigerator at the new price. He told me to hold off and he would contact me on Thursday Jan 3 or Friday Jan 4 as they would be having a sale and the price would be lower. I did not hear from MR. I tried to contact him and he would not take my calls.

Since he didn't return my calls, I went into the store to face him. His response "miscalculation on my part" and proceeded to be very rude. In other words too darn bad. I will never purchase another item from Home Depot which I was previously frequently a few times a month at least. I would not purchase as much as a light bulb from these dishonorable people if it were the only place in the world that sold them!!! I have documented the dates for each visit and the number of parts replaced, a total of three parts replaced, each on separate visits. Asurion is scheduled to return for the eighth time to see if they can fix it.

I paid in full for my product and my five-year warranty but do not have a product that works, for going on three months now. It seems to go against basic consumer law protection rights. It feels dishonest and seems to be an illegal practice of classifying a visit as diagnostic vs service and reissuing new case numbers to get around the lemon law clause which states after three attempts to repair it will be replaced if not repaired.

We have already had seven separate visits to our home - requiring 6 hours of time off from work for each visit. Asurion-Home Depot Warranty Service company has been to our home seven times out of nine scheduled appointments, we are on our fourth case number for the same product. What are the missing two visits classified as that are not being accounted for?

At this point, I do not want this product. I have requested a full refund for the product and for the warranty, twice now. I order a washer November 19 to take advantage of a sale that was going on. They brought a broken washer, so we rescheduled. There was a snow day, so we rescheduled. They brought another broken washer, so we rescheduled. They went to the wrong house, so we rescheduled. They refused to deliver it because there was an inch of sitting water at the bottom of the old washer and they said it will be too heavy to move it.

I am 5 foot 3 inches, barely pounds and I was able to move it just fine. These were two grown men. This was January 3rd. I replied, "What is the normal procedure for this company to compensate for five days of my life? The delivery service failed to do their job and Home Depot failed to take responsibility for their actions or lack thereof. This happened to me once years ago, but I didn't write a review because I took the broken product out of desperation. Home Depot appliances are horrible, worthless, and a waste of time. Don't give them your money! Ordered a range, picked a date for delivery.

Obtained several emails and texts confirming the date. The night before, I got a text confirming the 4 hr delivery window. I worked from home and paid a ton to a plumber to disconnect my old gas range. When I called, I was told it was still a week away! Had to pay a ton more to reconnect the old stove back in. I got a robot call yesterday confirming delivery time This morning a text showing delivery I checked tracking and see 6 customers in front of me.

I noticed that the address is listed as a state highway instead of Farm to Market Rd. I called the Home Delivery Support and spoke to Rosanna. She said I would be placed on hold for a moment. Seventeen minutes later she said she is having system problems. I tell her about the address. She placed me on hold again to contact delivery driver.

Driver said he can't change delivery address. Rosanna stated that Home Depot is at fault. I called the person who sold me the washer. He blames Texas Department of Transportation for the address problem. He is supposed to contact delivery and get back with me. I have not heard anything in an hour now. I am going to get a refund and go purchase from Sears where I can pick it up today! I received notice that my delivery window was pm and got all of my old appliances ready for haul away. I received a phone call at 2: So back outside it went. We asked if they could come back tomorrow since we were starting over from scratch now at We had toddlers sleeping, neighbors who have young kids, and we work early in the morning.

We were told that was not an option, that since they were here we had to take delivery. Feeling like we had no choice, we continued on. Finally, all of the new appliances were in our home and all of the old were in their truck at We mentioned it but they refused, saying that we could get a refund on installation. I know they were exhausted and wanted to get home. And frankly, I wanted them out of my house so I could go to bed.

But now we have to install 5 appliances ourselves. We purchased a new washing machine back in August. It was delivered on August After the installers left, our basement was filled with several inches of water into three rooms. When trying to contact the delivery company who installed, they denied that they even installed it. We even had paperwork saying they checked for leaks before they left. They did not hook up the drain hose correctly. So when the rent cycle took place that is when the leak occurred after they left.

It took over four months for them to finally take responsibility and pay for the water damage after many calls emails etc. I would never order another appliance from Home Depot that needs to be installed again. They should get rid of that delivery company. The delivery process has been a nightmare.

I was trying to arrange a delivery for a family with a baby and of course to keep milk and food a fridge is needed. I set for a call ahead.

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While in the restroom an unmarked number called. I called back and there was no name so I was unsure if it was the delivery company. I called again and left a VM for them to call as the home was vacant and I need to be there to let them in. I then called the to confirm if it was the delivery team. After being on hold for 8 minutes my call was disconnected. Then I called back and was told it was not the delivery team. So I wait for my call as I live about 20 minutes away and wanted to meet them at the vacant home to accept the unit. I then get a call from an annoyed lady that the delivery team is at house waiting and have been for 15 minutes and they will not wait.

Home Depot takes no responsibility for telling me it was not them. I then call to reschedule and am told January 2nd will be the new date. So the family that is moving in has to reschedule their move as they will be without a fridge. I did not get a call for the window. So I call this morning. I am then told delivery will be the 4th of Jan. I am livid as I just spoke with them and now was told an incorrect date.

So this family again cannot move into the home. When I ask for the recording of the call they refuse to give it to me. When I ask for them to add a truck for today or make an accommodation for the day they told me they refuse. They have no responsibility and they are not held accountable for their actions. Home Depot needs to step in and make changes or find a new delivery company.

I was appalled at the lack of customer service and paying customers should not be treated this way. The employees do not seem to care about the lives they affect and something needs to change. Companies that run like this should not be in business. One of the delivery guys was very rude, refused to take off shoes, did not install the washer I installed it myself later - the Home Depot site should do a better job of notifying if installation is included or not. Also for some reason they insisted on taking my old rubber hose, they said that instead they are leaving the plastic one - I was not home at the moment, my wife was present, she did not know they were not supposed to take the old rubber hose and was disappointed by their rudeness so did not want to argue.

Return my old hose!!! They said it in Spanish thinking I wouldnt understand what it meant. The second guy stunk up my house with the smell of vodka. Once I got them out of my house I thought that would be the end of the offensive inconveniences.

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The refrigerator never got cold, in fact, it was hot inside. I had family flying in for Christmas at my house- long story short we all spent a bunch of money to be eating out the whole time they were in town. Repairman said that half the internal parts were missing. He would order and come back to fix it. It's now been about a week and I haven't heard anything. No refrigerator- no word- ruined the holidays- horrible experience.

Oh, and when I called to make a note that this happened in their 48 hour window they said they logged it. Called back later and they me there is no note that this happened and they never sent anyone out. Then who came to my house on Christmas eve. It's blatant lying To keep the money and not have to spend more to deal with this situation. They say no returns on appliances but this is more like a large steel box taking up space. I believe there's some sort of scam or fraud happening here.

Coincidence that everyone here has reviewed with 1 star. Some not even getting their appliance? Who else has had their claim seemingly erased from the system? I'm going to fight for a full refund. Just curious from a legal perspective, at what point is theft, theft? Because this is certainly what it feels like and what it sounds like from others' experience too.

I forgot the name of the company Home Depot uses for delivery. I would urge people to shop at Lowe's because I'm sure whoever delivers their appliances has to be better. Company did not switch dryer doors as promised by Home Depot. The strip on the bottom of the refrigerator was not even put on!

I'm really not making this up. A visitor to my home pointed out that the freezer door was not installed correctly. I would have not complained if the company attempted to correct their mistake or if Home Depot contacted them but they did not. No resolution so far but because I'm a single older woman my son is going to deal with Home Depot.

I was told I would be called about delivery, this never happened. I finally got a call from the truck driver at pm saying the truck broke down. On that day they never even called me. Now tell me that you would think that was a good idea. In the future if I can't carry it in my vehicle I will not purchase it from Home Depot. This has been a terrible experience for me and my family. I had wanted my wife of 38 years to have the refrigerator before Christmas but doesn't look like she will get it until I can find it being sold from the floor of a local appliance store.

This has been a really bad experience from me. I ordered a dishwasher on December 3rd for delivery on December 22nd. I thought that was awful enough, but I was willing to wait. December 22nd rolls around and I was given a delivery time between No one shows up. The next available time is December 26th. I go to Home Depot and speak to a very nice lady, but there is nothing she can do. I did not buy a dishwasher for fun. I bought one because mine no longer works! I will never trust Home Depot with another appliance purchase. I ordered appliances on Nov 23rd to be delivered on Dec 15th.

Dec 14th I received an email stating I would receive a call to give me the delivery window for the 15th. I did not receive the call. I waited and contacted Home Depot the morning of my delivery only to be told 1 of my items was on back order so the delivery has been rescheduled for Dec 22nd. I received 3 more emails and a text on Dec 15th to tell me my delivery was scheduled for the 15th. Once again I receive an email stating my order will be delivered on Dec 15th. Given that the purchase usually has to fit within the confines of one's budget, and that many consumer often doesn't know much more about an appliance than how to operate it, CreditDonkey has done a comparison of three major retailers, Lowe's, Home Depot, and Sears.

They offer appliances for every budget so that you can make an informed decision about which one to buy, helping you keep more money in your pocket. These are the four main factors we considered in assessing the best retail store to buy appliances:. You want a wide variety of appliances at your disposal so that you can do side-by-side comparisons and decide what will best suit your needs and finances.

There's a plethora of appliance manufacturers — General Electric, Frigidaire, Viking, Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Amana, to name a few — each with their own vast selection and subcategories. For example, you need a refrigerator. What kind of doors? Top freezer or bottom? You may think you know the answer, but you may change your mind when you see these appliances in person and realize there are some options you may have not considered. Especially for major appliances, the knowledge and personality of the salespeople can either make or break your purchase.

You want someone who readily available to assist you with questions, rather than having to chase one down or wait eons for one to become free. Some of us are driven mostly by our budget.

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The stores we reviewed will price match, so the savvy consumer should be able to negotiate the best price from whichever retailer they end up making their purchase. Delivery and installation are often forgotten factors when purchasing an appliance. Even if you own or rent a truck, most likely you will need an experienced technician to install it. So delivery and installation can be costs that really add up. The good news is, of these three retailers, all of them offer free delivery — though installation costs can vary and minimum purchase requirements may apply. Lowe's is a well-known, reputable home improvement retailer.

It has an inviting atmosphere and a large selection of appliances that are easy to locate and are readily available for hands-on testing and comparison. Why We Like Lowe's Lowe's has a less "warehouse-y" feel than Home Depot and is more user-friendly and welcoming to both men and women, making it less daunting to the average shopper.

The in-store appliance selection is very large, allowing you to make hands-on comparisons. The Downsides Many people have the same idea as you, and want to purchase their appliances from Lowe's. If you go on a weekend, it might be hard to find a salesperson to assist you, and it might take a while to get "alone time" with a popular appliance. Want the latest Lowe's coupons? Before you buy a new appliance, visit CreditDonkey for up-to-date coupons for Lowe's. Yes, you can buy appliances online and still save money. You might be surprised at the overall savings. Everyone knows Home Depot.

For home improvement and building materials, it's become a part of the vernacular. But, in reality, Home Depot is a great place to shop for such items for the most online selection and cost-effective advantage. But in a recent Barron's article by Avi Salzman about the rebounding housing market, the chain appears to be on the verge of becoming a major player in the appliance arena: Why We Like Home Depot Home Depot has always been cutting-edge on price, and it's a nice surprise for a consumer to go into the store looking for a toilet repair kit to find out that Home Depot also sells appliances.

Also, when making your purchase via the Home Depot website, you can easily search for rebates for the appliance you're purchasing, saving you even more money. The Downsides Home Depot is not often thought of as a place to get appliances until you're actually in the store and realize it has them. Also, it doesn't have as vast a selection of "on the floor" appliances, making shopping there a bit difficult in order to compare models.

Who Home Depot Works Best For People who shop there on a consistent basis, as well as online shoppers who've done their research and are looking to find the lowest price after having their hands-on experience at another retailer. Save Money at Home Depot: Visit CreditDonkey for the latest Home Depot coupons before you buy a new appliance.

Sears also has an advantage over both Lowe's and Home Depot because of its exclusive appliance brand, Kenmore, which has been around for decades. While Sears salespeople are often more knowledgeable about Kenmore appliances than some of the other brands they sell, they will push the product that's most conducive to the customer's needs, Kenmore or not.

Sears has been hurting financially in the past few years, but people still feel a connection to the brand itself. As Pam Goodfellow , in a recent Forbes article, wrote, "On the plus side, our insights indicate that Sears continues to be the top destination for everything from coffee makers and vacuums to microwaves and refrigerators; about a quarter of consumers overall Why We Like Sears We can sum this up in one word: These reliable appliances are exclusively sold at Sears though some also have been seen at OSH Hardware , which makes it the only destination if you are loyal to the Kenmore brand.

The salespeople at Sears are also eager to help you, and it's rare that you have to go hunting one down in the appliance department.

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The Downsides These same salespeople can sometimes be a nuisance if you're just browsing and comparing appliances and don't have a lot of questions. Many people like the freedom of comparison shopping on their own without being hounded by salespeople. Who Sears Works Best For People who are loyal to the Kenmore brand, who like smaller, more intimate stores and would like a lot of customer service assistance.

Before you buy an appliance at Sears: Read our tips and tricks to save money at Sears , including the latest coupon and promo codes. Why pay full price at Sears when you don't have to? Costco, Best Buy, and Pacific Sales which has its own brick and mortar stores and is now also the appliance showcase inside Best Buy are good alternatives.

Costco has a very small selection of appliances in its warehouse, and the amount it offers varies, but the prices and return policy are outstanding. Best Buy also offers interest-free credit cards for up to 12 months. Pacific Sales brick-and-mortar has a huge, unmatched selection, excellent prices and very knowledgeable salespeople. While pricing at all three retailers is relatively comparable, consumers are still going to have different experiences with installation, delivery, and salespeople.

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