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No one knows you better than you know yourself I signed up for the service which gives you a set amount of dates. I was very specific about what I wanted and I don't believe unreasonable at all. I wanted a man taller than me and someone who did not already have children. I was young enough to be this picky, I thought.

The first date I had was fantastic, he was everything they said, but the next four were all downhill - nothing like I wanted. I know there's no formula for love, but when they take several thousands of your dollars, you think you could say 'more of the same' please and they would manage stick to two relatively simple criteria. They made me feel like they were really discerning, which was certainly naive of me, if you have a few grand they will take your money. It felt like once they had that, there really wasn't the strong desire to find a match at all.

Elite Connections Review (Cost, User Reviews & More!)

Before anybody says anything like I was probably a difficult cow, I can assure you I am not. I'm happily in a relationship now. With someone slightly taller and no kids. Have realistic expectations with this service, they'll take your coin and once they have that they offer no guarantees and I'm sure are more interested in adding more people to their database than really caring about finding their clients' a match.

Lovely to hear some good news stories but that was not my experience with Elite. Verified Customer Great service! Shortly after meeting him, Elite contacted me with another introduction and this one has lots of potential.

Elite Connections Review (Cost, User Reviews & More!)

Early days but I have never met such a perfect match! I read some of the negative reviews before I joined and decided to ignore them and make my own decision after meeting with Elite. I find it hard to believe we are reviewing the same service. If you are single and want to meet successful, intelligent people this is the only service I am aware of that attracts the calibre of people I want to meet. Although I had concerns about a dating service, and having never tried online dating or any dating service before, I met with Elite Introductions in September, and after my mother finally encouraged me to try it, I joined in November Well I can honestly say it has changed my life!

After being introduced to someone in January, and doing a long distance relationship, myself having a young child, we are recently engaged and so in love - completely over the moon! You couldn't have planned or scripted this! We realised very early on that we had fallen in love with each other, and we have taken the time and effort to build our love and life together. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen so quickly, but when you know, you just know!

And that we do! I also appreciate the fact they were supportive of us meeting and were completely professional and quick at helping us arrange our first meeting when we both lived in different cities. They did this seamlessly, which I greatly appreciate being someone who's work and travel can sometimes be demanding. I encourage all people to have an open mind and heart about living in different places. Love can be anywhere, and not always where you expect.

We are both in close contact with our friends at Elite Introductions and would recommend their service to anyone serious about finding someone. The most important thing is not the people at Elite Introductions although they are totally stella girls! If you have the right attitude, an open heart, and enjoy life and meeting people - then Elite can help you on your journey.

Verified Customer Don't waste your time or money. I implore others to avoid disappointment with this service.

I have no problem finding dates but chose Elite to help me find high calibre matches to compliement my offerings in a relationship. Elite was full of promises upon joining and had my first date arranged within a week very clever tactic. The staff member I dealt with was friendly enough but the business failed to deliver on the service time and time again.

I was the one chasing Elite to get service, there was poor post date follow up, and months would go by without hearing anything. I got the impression there was not a lot of people on their books so matches were based on availability rather than compatibility. There were a couple of blatant mismatches which I think is unacceptable given the fee and promise of carefully selected dates. If I had not invested so much to join, and angered at being ripped off, I would have given up with them much sooner.

There was no farewell just the usual silence. In hindsight i really should have insisted on a refund or complained to consumer services. During my induction interview the recruiter received a call from an irate customer complaining of only 3 matches in the last year saying "how can you take the money? Verified Customer Thank you Elite Introductions. Thank you Elite Introductions.

I am currently dating a very nice man I met through Elite and we have been seeing each other for 12 months now. We are very well matched, have lots in common and have been on two great holidays together Tassie and New York. Prior to this introduction I went on 3 dates with Elite.

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I think Elite did well to set-up my expectations at the beginning, sometimes there was a gap between dates, however the Elite kept in touch and indicated that we would continue to work together until a successful match was made. I have tried one other dating services and while the dates came quicker, not one of my dates were suitable, to the point of me feeling very uncomfortable on one occasion — this never happened with Elite.

Again, thank you Elite. Verified Customer Elite changed our lives - now both happily married!! I met my husband through Elite introductions International as we were both members.

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My experience was positive, i found the agency to be professional and that they genuinely cared about matching people interested in long-lasting relationships. In our case we were both over 50, divorced for several years and had adult children and were looking for a partner to travel with and spend the rest of our lives together. We had both tried lots of alternatives to meet like minded people prior to joining Elite. I would not hesitate to recommend their service to any discerning man or woman looking for their soulmate.

May I ask how much you charge for your service? They actually never existed. They sent boiler plate "matches" not even paying attention to my criteria, one of which was a golfer. They didn't even ask or even know if they were? I specifically asked Elite to honor their word - the initial conversation I had with Nellie and submitted emails after every supposed "match" that wasn't at all what I was looking for.

I urge you to read all the other, numerous complaints about this agency. Hopefully others won't sign up and hopefully someone will have more money than me to prosecute them. Though do read the complaints that state they won their legal case but still have not been reimbursed. I wanted to update my review as I feel Elite has made a great attempt to resolve the issues I experienced. My original matchmaker was replaced with Roni who has been fantastic. She immediately set me up with someone who while he wasn't what I was looking for, was a very nice person and we had a nice date.

Then she set me up with someone who was exactly what I was looking for and we dated for some time.

Sadly, the relationship did not work out but that had nothing to do with Elite. I still feel like the options are limited but patience may pay off.

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I like the anonymity and the vetting process Elite offers and believe Roni understands what I am looking for so I will remain hopeful. My initial impression with Elite was very good. I thought this is exactly what I am looking for, high end, professional, and discreet service. We had a two hour "get to know you" session where I was made to feel she understood what I was looking for and there would be no problem finding someone to match me with, she already had ideas.

That is where it ended, I was passed on to a "Matchmaker" which apparently is the standard process. Unfortunately, she lives in Boston and has very little knowledge of DC or the area. Additionally, she seems extremely overwhelmed, is always rushed, and although I fully explained my preferences and deal breakers to the SRC, I had to go through this process again with her twice in two months. After weeks of not hearing anything and me sending an email to her and the SRC, I finally received another profile and although it did not match any of my preferences I thought I would give it a try.

Our "date" was a meet for a drink at 8pm on a Monday night that lasted one hour thankfully. I feel this was just an appeasement date since this guy has been with Elite for over a year and basically goes on dates when she calls I received one more match It seems they really do not have clients in their data base here in DC or they are trying to get more money explaining "it takes time for the right match". I am an attractive, active, successful 50 year old woman no one ever guesses I am older than Unfortunately, it is not a discreet way to meet people but that's life.

Good luck with your search. Elite Matchmaking is a matchmaking service that has been in business for 22 years. Elite pairs clients with a relationship consultant who spends time getting to know the client's personality. After the consultation, a matchmaking team pairs the client with others, leaving computer algorithms out of the mix. After a client has used their service, Elite offers clients the chance to have a one-on-one feedback session on how to improve their dating skills.

This makes the client's experience an educational one and often helps improve customers' future dates. Members who use Elite Matchmaking are offered the benefit of getting to screen and pre-approve date candidates before they meet, which eliminates any matches that a client knows will not make a good partner off-the-bat. Elite has a database of thousands of potential matches, offering clients a large pool from which they can be matched and increasing the chances of finding a successful pairing.

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Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Elite Connections reviews are a mixed bag, and tend to vary by location. The Newport Beach branch has 4 stars on Yelp, although there are both positive and negative reviews.

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  4. This reviewer, on the other hand, was less than impressed with the quality of the men she was matched with:. The Beverly Hills location also has a respectable 4-star Yelp rating. The other two reviews were both one star, with the biggest Elite Connections complaint being lack of quality matches:.