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I in fact have a plug screwed in there, just the picture is not the same as in the guide. If not, where should I look?

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Thanx for the help! April 17th, , I have just started my project motor for the first time with water hooked up. At the point in your picture 3 I have water shooting out when the motor is running. It would make sense to me that this is for a water pressure sensor. In my case I don't have the motor attached to a boat and I don't know if the boat it was on before had a water pressure gauge. Can someone please confirm what this little fitting is for? The paperwork that Teleflex has with the gauge makes no sense.

2000 150 Ficht Water Pressure Gauge hook-up point

Where should it be put to get the most accurate reading? Thank you in advance for anyones much needed help.

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June 3rd, , I ran into the same problem when I hooked up my water pressure gauge. I ended up putting the "T" in the line out of the bottom of the block that runs up to the control valve.

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I was told that would be a good place by a local Evinrude dealer here. The only problem is that the gauge varies depending on the amount of throttle its given. Mine stays from 10 to 15 psi at all times. You can tap into the wiring for other adjacent gauges if you want to. Send a private message to jethro1. Find More Posts by jethro1. Originally Posted by jethro1.

Installing the Water Pressure Gauge?

It's the only dash gauge besides the very similar pitot-pickup speed thru water gauge that requires no wiring , except for the optional lighting as jethro notes. Outboard water pressure is a great thing to be able to monitor, you just need to check and maintain the hose and mehtod of securing often enough to avoid the damaging potential.

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If there is any sag in the line where water may have traveled to, in colder climes that will freeze and burst, so think about blowing it out before storage. Send a private message to TTaxi. Find More Posts by TTaxi. I forget to mention that in the ideal installation the tube from the motor to the gauge will run up hill the entire way to the gauge.

Thank you all for the info about the mechanical gauge, but what i meant to ask is the 'electric' water pressure gauge as I came across this option on a another forum: It will screw in the same hole but have wires coming out instead of a hose hook up. Originally Posted by cnc Send a private message to seabob4. Find More Posts by seabob4.


I'm not familiar with the electrical type, but the mechanical with the pilot tubing is pretty reliable and perhaps the easiest to install. On your motor, usually at the bottom pan you will find a fitting. On my Evinrudes it's on the bottom left in the rear if you are in the boat facing the motor.

Not sure if this is consistent with other models, however.

How to install Water Pressure Gauge on 1991 Johnson 200 GT ??

Send a private message to mercbravo1. Find More Posts by mercbravo1. Complication is not what I am looking for. I am just trying to clarify and learn something that was mentioned to me as an alternative to maintenance concerns re.