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Repeating invoices sort-of work but as James indicates is not so intuitive BUT in my case I had already set up the invoices as "drafts". It would be nice if I could have 'moved' these deaft invoices into the repeating section.

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Instead, all I could do was open the draft and choose to "repeat" it and then delete the draft. Great product in any case. Been here for a few days now and looking for exactly this feature. This is an older topic but it would absolutely be helpful if we could create an invoice and have it sent out on a chosen future date. Not a particularly difficult feature to implement, and very useful to users! Schedule sales invoice emails When processing orders, I generate a sales invoice which, following good etiquette, I then send to my customers at least one day after sending their consignment.

It would be brilliant to have the facility to schedule these emails so that I can complete the job at one sitting rather than having to come back a day or more later to open up the same invoice and then send it.

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Any chance of this happening, please? Is this what you're after Rupert? Hi Brittany I had already read through that thread and agree with the others who all wish to see this feature added. I already love using Xero but this would sure increase the love. Schedule invoice send out via email for a later date automatically We are a recruitment agency and have candidates starting with clients from one week to three months. It would be an excellent addition to be able to automatically submit an invoice to a client on the date a new staff member starts with our client as this is the time we can invoice.

So please can we see a "schedule send invoice" button on the client invoicing screen or as an option when asked to approve and send. Loving all else, but would seriously make life a lot easier for businesses like us who have varied time periods between completing a deal and being able to invoice. I'm looking for this now too, and found this thread I can see the reoccuring invoices working for most people. I'm a photographer and often clients will pay a deposit one off invoice and then I'll schedule in their next invoice for the date of their event.

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It would be awesome if come that date the invoice was sent. I guess you can do this through reoccuring, but as others have said it's not as intuative, as it's not a reoccuring invoice - it's a once off invoice haha. Then it can be "set and forget" even when travelling or on vacation. Quite often a job is completed but the invoice must wait to be sent at a later date e.

This would save double handling. Just strange that this is not a feature. I agree that the ability to schedule when an invoice email is to be sent would be great. You can have this functionality with repeating Invoices just set the end date the same as the invoice date.

Repeating invoices is a hack. A scheduled invoice is not a repeating invoice. Why can't xero just fix this? It is not rocket science. I'm sure we'll get another update about foreign currency or another useless chart for the ugly dashboard but let's not focus on something that would actually improve workflow!! Surprise the 1st request was back in and today is May, still not having this functionality. Automation will definitely improve the workflow! Lift your game on this! Hi - I really need this feature setting up so I can send out an invoice set for a future date for a contact balance.

Please add this function.

Sales Invoices - Schedule a one-time invoice to be sent via email

I would also love to see a feature so that I can schedule invoices. I have large number of invoices that vary each month so they are not repeating that need to be sent out on the last business day of the month but as a part timer I am often not actually in the office to hit that "send" button on that day and have to log onto my laptop at home on the actual day. It would be fantastic if I could schedule the email to be sent at the time I am creating the invoice.

Yes, I support this feature. Yes, please add a simple schedule feature. We work internationally and need to drop invoices etc. Setting it all up as a recurring invoice as suggested just very clunky indeed. There are several outfits that have managed this via Gmail and others. Would make a big difference to out work flow Yep, I'd like this feature too please.

We can have our ERP send through invoices to Xero in 'approved' status but still have to manually email out the invoices to our customers. The invoice values are different every time so the repeating invoice function doesn't help and if our part-time bookkeeper is not in on that day, the invoices don't get sent. Frustrating for our customers and for us.

Please reconsider adding this functionality. This is not rocket science to implement xero! Less time adding payment systems and more time focusing on functionality improvements that affect day to day financial workflow. Surely there is enough support here to warrant an improved approach.

Or at least provide us with a better reason than that it is not there because you get so many requests. With customers in all time zones, we have experienced first hand that an invoice or quote! Lack of this feature stops us from preparing invoices and quotes ahead of time or e. Paul, you can read up more on our prioritisation process here. Totally get the need for this, it's just not on the team's to do list for now. Will let you know if that changes though. I always invoice my clients on the same date but often have a free day before that date when I could do all my invoices and hit "send on this date" then i could get on with other things and forget it.

I'm going to looks at the repeating invoice workaround but it would be a great feature to add at some point. I would totally love it and use it a lot - as a small business we do most of our accoutning on the weekend, but I don't like invoices to be sent out on a sunday - looks really unprofessional and often gets lost as spam like that. So definitely a need for a schedule button! I'd love a simple "schedule an invoice email" button not only with a date but a time too - 6pm on Friday being a popular one to get the payment date earlier than sending it out on a Monday morning.

Zoho Books does it: This specific feature request is now almost 5 years old. The Kiwis must be too busy getting pissed!

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This would be massively helpful to me too. We need to invoice for a deposit and then a balance 8 weeks ahead of delivery. At the moment I have to put a reminder in the diary to create the invoice for the balance. It would be so much more sensible to be able to create both invoices at the time of booking and simply schedule the balance invoice to send at the requisite time. There is no work around for people using the app. I can't see where you can schedule an invoice in the app. I create invoices when I get a job approved, but don't invoice til the work is complete.

For example, I'm doing a workshop next Monday, so have created the invoice now so I know I've got that money coming in. It seems silly that even though I've created the invoice with a date of next Monday, I'm still going to have to set a reminder to go into Xero just to click 'Email'. Roman - welcome to one of the most annoying shortcomings of Xero. Would save users time being able to go in and set something and then forget about it rather than set a reminder to come back into the system and trigger the email.

Xero is a good system otherwise. But the developers obviously don't think being able to forward-schedule one-time invoice delivery warrants prioritization. One only can wonder why Each of which is incredibly important to those that have asked for it. I know this is needed by you all here, but we do have a lot of requests that have to be juggled!

Invariably by making some people happy, by developing what they want, we make others unhappy, by not developing what they want. admin